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Nice to meet you, I’m Tony

I make websites.  I specialize in Wordpress development and can help with lots of technical & creative things; server management, web design, Git repos, DNS, and more.

I also make existing websites better. Increasing pagespeed scores, improving search engine optimization, making sites responsive, and generally making stuff better is what I do best.

I’m a wordpress developer based in upstate New York, all of my business is done 100% virtually via Google Meet, Zoom, and virtual reality.


June 2022

This site, and all of my Wordpress maintenance client’s are up-to-date with Wordpress 6. Lately I’ve been doing more custom Divi builds, getting my hands into Elementor, and testing out the new Wordpress block theme.

My tech stack

On a daily basis I use Wordpress, PHP, CSS, JS, Atom, iTerm2 and Laravel

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My peeps

I work with
a wide variety of
clients & industries.

Hospitality, Medical & Health, Education, Technology, Travel, Entertainment, and more
Global Multi-language Wordpress Site

Now meeting in VR

I meet with clients in the Metaverse where we can brainstorm on exportable whiteboards, screenshare from our desktops, and boost productivity by using the 3D depth of virtual reality.

Web Design & Development

I've worked with Tony on several website development projects and he's very skilled and great to work with. He hits deadlines and communicates clearly. Also, he's got a great approach to working with clients and he's available when you need him. I highly recommend working with Tony.
Mike Grossman

Mike Grossman Consulting

Wordpress Development

Tony does outstanding work. He has built 3 sites for me and all have exceeded expectations. He is talented, creative, and very responsive to client requests. He is an asset to my team!
Merle Adelman

Adelman and Associates

Tony is great to work with.

He is very responsive and his work is top notch!
Paul Estes


Wordpress Development

Tony is an incredible talent and great value. My business is very happy leaving everything regarding our website in his hands. I pepper him with update requests regularly and he always delivers. Godaddy created our Wordpress based site at great expense and poor results and I sought out someone to basically re-do it from scratch. We've been with Tony ever since, 3 years now! I highly recommend him.
Mike Sparks

HireSparks AV Recruiting

Web Development

Tony has been helping me to maintain and update my business website for about two years now. He is easy to work with - responsive, timely, and knows what he is doing. He has saved my sanity on more than one occasion when the site has done something wonky and needed an immediate fix. I am happy to recommend Tony whether you need a new site, revamping an existing one, or help with running your current site.
Elizabeth Ziemba

Medical Tourism Training

Recent Project
March 2022

Zahara is an online storefront for flowers, edibles, concentrates, vape, topicals, and tinctures – custom Wordpress development start to finish. 99/96 pagespeed score

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I accept crypto!

In addition to Venmo, Paypal, and checks - you can also pay for my web dev services with crypto

Currently Accepting: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance, Cardano, and SHIB

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