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Tony Ciccarone


I’m Rhode Island born and raised, lived and worked in Silicon Valley for 10 years and have developed for eBay, PayPal, and Ruckus Wireless.

My technical skills:

– Developing WordPress websites (via custom theme or framework)
– Building eCommerce websites (Woocommerce, payment gateways)
– Making websites secure (HTTPs/SSL certificate installation)
– Fixing stuff, working with old code, making things better.
– Optimizing websites (SEO, site speed, CDN, asset minification)
– Copyediting (social media marketing, blogpost editing, Yoast)

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Latest Blog Posts

Tony Ciccarone | WordPress Developer

Hierarchical Taxonomies in WordPress

Just a way to programmatically add hierarchical (parent/child) taxonomies in WordPress.
Tony Ciccarone | WordPress Developer

Create Vagrant Symlink for WP & Gulp

Pulled down a new feature branch for one of our clients and found that patternlab had been replaced with src / build / dist. Let's create a symlink to the WP themes folder.
Tony Ciccarone | WordPress Developer

Generate Table of Contents Using H-Tags

How to use header sections to generate a scrollable side navigation using custom Javascript and HTML/CSS. With Codepen example!
Tony Ciccarone | WordPress Developer

Open External Links in New Tab

There are a few methods of setting links to different websites open in a new tab. Here's a simple jQuery snippet I wrote that filters through <a> elements and sets each one's attribute to _blank (new tab) if the link's domain differs from the current domain

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