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Tony Ciccarone


My name is Tony, officially I’m a web developer but honestly I’m an all-around computer nerd and technical consultant. From sites to DNS to servers to email marketing to SEO to scripting to Sass

Rhode Island born and raised lived and worked in Silicon Valley for 10 years and have developed for eBay, PayPal, and Ruckus Wireless.

Some of the things I do for a living:

Developing WordPress websites (custom themes or frameworks)
– Building eCommerce websites (Woocommerce, payment gateways)
Making websites secure (HTTPs/SSL certificate installation)
, working with old code, making things better.
Optimizing websites (SEO, site speed, CDN, asset minification)
– Copy Editing (social media marketing, blog post editing, Yoast)

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Tony Ciccarone | WordPress Developer

#TECHGOALS for 2019

018 was a fantastic year. From the birth of my son to making the switch to being a fully remote Work-at-Home Dad, I can tell that life will never be the same..
Tony Ciccarone | WordPress Developer

Hierarchical Taxonomies in WordPress

Just a way to programmatically add hierarchical (parent/child) taxonomies in WordPress.
Tony Ciccarone | WordPress Developer

Create Vagrant Symlink for WP & Gulp

Pulled down a new feature branch for one of our clients and found that patternlab had been replaced with src / build / dist. Let's create a symlink to the WP themes folder.
Tony Ciccarone | WordPress Developer

Generate Table of Contents Using H-Tags

How to use header sections to generate a scrollable side navigation using custom Javascript and HTML/CSS. With Codepen example!

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