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I’m a web developer & designer based out of Clifton Park, New York. I’ve been in the tech field for two decades, working for companies such as eBay/PayPal and Ruckus Wireless.  Check me out on LinkedIn

Most of the design & development work I do is in WordPress, but I’m a coder at heart – PHP, javascript, CSS/Sass, HTML, SQL, and Python.

Besides web design & development, I enjoy playing piano and guitar, you can listen to me sing my slow boring original songs here – but don’t judge my technical skill by the gall (do people use that word anymore) of the fact that I publish my music for the world to hear lol.  It’s just a hobby!

I make future-proof & secure websites

You can rely on me to deliver a top-notch, fast, responsive website with crystal-clear communication and a scalable framework that can keep up with your expanding needs.

I offer a one-stop shop for almost all of your tech needs, from initial planning to final deployment and beyond.

Your website’s main purpose is to generate leads, initiate communication with potential customers, and be an extension of extension of your brand. It needs to be professionally built and visually appealing, well-organized and simple to navigate, and packed with material that presents you as an authority in your industry.

Web Developer


Set up a 30-minute consultation to go over your web design & development needs

Web Design and UI/UX Projects

Marketing UI/UX Wordpress
January 2, 2021
518 Powerup was an idea that my wife and I had after seeing a few social posts from local nurses in our region Due to COVID.
518 Powerup: Custom Wordpress Site
Marketing UI/UX Wordpress
July 8, 2020
Luice is a custom WordPress site I designed & developed that uses a variety of custom post types and taxonomies to create a intuitive user experience.
Luice Lighting: Wordpress Redesign
Marketing UI/UX Wordpress
August 28, 2020
Quarantine Halloween
Dragon in Your Pocket Travel
Zilla Racing Stables Saratoga County

May 2024

I was laid off from my full-time job of 6 years! So I am making my side hustle into my actual hustle and going all in on 3tone Digital, which is just me and my wife doing what we do best, web design, web development, tech, and digital marketing.

I’ll be honest, it’s scary! But I know (imposter syndrome aside) that I have the technical skills, the communication skills, and enough common sense to succeed. Wish me luck!

My tech stack

WordPress, PHP, CSS/Sass, JS, VS Code, Warp, and Laravel FTW

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My peeps

I work with
a wide variety of
clients & industries.

Hospitality, Medical & Health, Education, Technology, Travel, Entertainment, and more
Global Multi-language Wordpress Site

Elementor Website Development

Working with Tony creates a peace of mind when it comes to websites and I can’t recommend highly enough his technical services to anyone seeking a top-notch web development partner.
JC Lightcap

Leonard Lyon Solutions

WordPress Web Development

Tony is awesome, he helped us create a CMS from scratch, and managed numerous web development projects.
David Callisch

Ruckus Wireless

WordPress Development

Tony does outstanding work. He has built 3 sites for me and all have exceeded expectations. He is talented, creative, and very responsive to client requests. He is an asset to my team!
Merle Adelman

Adelman and Associates

Web Design & Development

I've worked with Tony on several website development projects and he's very skilled and great to work with. He hits deadlines and communicates clearly. Also, he's got a great approach to working with clients and he's available when you need him. I highly recommend working with Tony.
Mike Grossman

Mike Grossman Consulting

Web Design & Development

Tony is knowledgable, professional, and experienced. He goes above and beyond to solve any problems that our client's websites have.

emmo designs

Monica Video

Great to work with

Tony is very responsive and his work is top notch, thank you so much for your help over the years.
Paul Estes


Wordpress Development

My business is very happy leaving everything regarding our website with Tony. I pepper him with update requests regularly and he always delivers. We've been with Tony ever since, 3 years now! I highly recommend him.
Mike Sparks

AV Recruiting

Web Development

Tony from 3tone Digital has consistently been rock solid reliable, responsive, effective, and advanced in his web development skills.
Erik Kelly

WestCoast Children's Clinic

Recent Project
May 2024

The Champagne, Oysters, and Coffee (COC) website was developed as a full custom WordPress block theme based off the native 2024 WP theme

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