I started an LLC: 3tone Digital

In the digital era, a company’s online presence is no longer optional – it’s essential. As business landscapes become increasingly competitive, a polished and efficient website can be the differentiator.

Located in upstate New York, 3tone Digital is a small web development team that specializes in developing custom Wordpress themes and enhancing existing websites, assisting with technical issues, and providing digital marketing.

Me and my team at 3tone Digital work to create websites that not only look good but work well. We specialize in custom Wordpress theme development, utilizing custom post types, interconnected taxonomies, dynamic content, and advanced SEO techniques without the need for extra plugins or unnecessary page builders​.

Websites for All Devices

In this mobile-first world, we ensure that all websites created by us at 3tone Digital are responsive and user-friendly, regardless of the device being used. We use documented methods such as A/B testing, UI heatmaps, Google Analytics and Search Console, and other tools of the trade to create modern web designs that improve user experience, click-through rates, conversion rates, and bounce rates​.

Driving SEO Success

One of our strengths is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We employ a variety of technical SEO techniques and smart asset delivery methods to improve keyword/keyphrase usage and the overall speed of websites, resulting in higher search visibility, better click-through rates, conversions, and directing the right users to find your site​.

Harnessing the Power of Social Media

Combining skills with my wife, Reina Ciccarone, we go beyond website development and provide social media marketing, email marketing, content editing, search engine optimization, A/B testing, data visualization, and various forms of automation​​. This comprehensive approach helps businesses extend their reach and boost their online presence.

Website Maintenance: A Key to Success

3tone Digital also provide invaluable website maintenance services, ensuring that our client’s Wordpress sites are secure, updated, and running smoothly. Each month (or bi-weekly), we also reindex our client’s sites via Search Console, run analytics, and provide suggestions to improve site stats, offering businesses peace of mind about their online operations​.

Whether you’re a small business needing a basic website or a large corporation requiring a complex web solution, the 3Tone Digital team are the tech partners you can trust. With our one-stop-shop approach to web development and digital marketing, we will help you establish a strong online presence that is sure to stand out in the digital world.


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