If I Wasn’t A Web Developer

Sometimes trying to market yourself as a web developer out in the wild is like yelling into an empty abyss. In fact, it’s actually not empty because there are plenty of others shouting the same things so loudly that we drown each other out.

#letsconnect #buildinpublic #webdevelopment. Social media and online advertising. I possibly refuse to do Google Ads because I’m convinced it’s cheating – and honestly what normal person/client even clicks on a Google Ad anyways?

I’ve been in this field since the early 2000s, I can’t see myself doing much else really. No one is going to be safe from The Great AI Replacement, but hopefully the general public still needs tech people to get and keep everything connected. This field isn’t just a job, it’s literally a passion.. but if I wasn’t a web developer I’d be a:

  • Songwriter & Music Producer: The same yelling into the abyss could be applied to this. I’m assuming that I’m not a good songwriter because no one, besides my mother & aunts, seems to even give my music a listen – no shares, no comments, nothing lol. I’ve been writing music and playing instruments from the young age of 9. I feel talented because I can hear and see melodies and chord progressions that don’t exist yet. I can play along with any song by ear and write (well, what I think are) full songs with verses, bridges, and choruses.
  • Bus Driver: There’s actually a massive shortage of bus drivers in Saratoga County so I think it’s a reasonable fallback. Sometimes when there are issues with a web development project I like to joke with my wife that I’m just going to stop coding and become a bus driver, living out the rest of my days known as Mr Tony, the bus driver. I don’t even like loud noise, so I’m not sure if this would work out.
  • Teacher: Most likely a music teacher. I was one of only two students in my high school’s Music Theory 101 class – it was there that the mathematics of chords, melodies, and progressions clicked and stuck with me forever. But I love the English language, and although I don’t read books I think that I might enjoy slowing down and living like that. I’ve always been jealous of individuals who “sit down and get cozy with a nice book”, it sounds nice but unless I’m getting something out of it..
  • Chef: I know that I don’t particularly follow recipes directions to a T, but I am Italian so I of course cook from the heart. It’s not that I’m by any means great at cooking, it’s just something I could see myself doing. Tonight I’ll be making a Chicago-style pizza, a là Sicilas Pizzeria in my home state of Rhode Island.

Well I guess this post is the result of what happens during the ebb of web development. Is it imposter syndrome – maybe, am I not trying hard enough – idk I do a lot, do I need to do Google Ads – hell no, is it me – probably? Sometimes I wonder if it’s solely me, maybe people don’t like the way I talk or look. I read a study once that wide-faced men are trusted less than thin-faced men. I’ve lost weight but I’ll always have a round face, it’s in my blood.


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