Original Song “Champagne”: Reviewed on Youtube

As I’ve mentioned in another post and this one, songwriting has always been a passion of mine. When I’m not coding, in my off time you can usually find me hunched over the piano or guitar typing lyrics and chords on a note app.

There definitely has been a lot of self-doubt about releasing personal and intimate tracks recently because:

  • My voice & my intonation is a bit weird – I broke my jaw over 20 years ago and I have severe nerve damage in my lips, ahh
  • Besides a couple close relatives, almost no one I know will like, comment, or even share my music 😅
  • I really don’t have the best recording equipment, I built a little studio but it’s still kind of ghetto-fabulous
  • I’m not actually sure how a singing web developer is taken by potential clients and customers, guess we’ll find out

It was really cool to hear an external third-party review of my own live vox & piano track. It’s a quiet song, down-tempo, just me and the piano which is where I feel the most comfortable in regards to both songwriting and recording.

Check it out and review it yourself below:


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