Charting a Course of Continuous Self-Improvement

My journey of self-improvement continues, marked by the shedding of detrimental habits each new year. Last year’s triumph over alcohol led to significant achievements, from composing music to launching websites, enhancing my weekends, and saving money. Now, I’m distancing myself from the time-consuming world of social media, recognizing the void it leaves yet seeing the potential for productive pursuits like writing. Despite my disinterest in reading, particularly fiction, I remain committed to productive activities, challenging the conventional wisdom about leisure and productivity.

I’ve been giving things up at the start of each new year.

January 1st a great date to start new or end old habits, I know that there are a lot of people who don’t follow through with their resolutions but what’s the point of even making them then? I saw a stat that showed only 6% keep their new year’s resolutions, how sad.

I refuse to be a statistic. This is the third year that I’ve resolved to improve and better my life by removing a vice.

Last year I quit alcohol

It was a great decision and I’ll never look back. I’ve accomplished so much in the course of 365 days that it makes me wish that I never started drinking in the first place. My mind is much more clear which lets me concentrate and finish projects & tasks:

This year I’m quitting my personal usage of Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit.  

Wake up and checking Facebook. Check Facebook before bed. Check to see if anyone liked my clever post. Care about visibility and people who mostly don’t care about me. Ads, ads, ads, vaguebook posting, and way less usage than the good old days of social media.

It’s day 8 and I’ve only mistakenly tried to login to Facebook a handful of times. I haven’t deleted my account but I’m not using it besides managing a few business pages. And since I already sort of miss having an outlet I decided that I should write more.  

Reading, writing, and me.

I don’t read very much, but I do like to write.  Fun fact: I actually haven’t finished a book in over 20 years. The last I read was called Tuesdays With Morrie.  A small and simple book.  It took a few RIPTA bus routes back and forth from college to finish (no cellphone or MP3 player yet).

Besides dev documentation, and a couple chapters of self-help books here and there, I have absolutely no patience or desire to read.  

I think that reading, especially fiction, is a big waste of time and mind. I know, shame on me.  People who like to read tell me that I’m missing out, but maybe they’re the ones missing out!  I just always feel like I could be doing something more productive and beneficial.

So I’ll just write


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