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Late Night Launch with Lattes

Late Night Site Launch

My wife and I are burning the midnight oil (well it's only 10pm) and launching a website for a restaurant in Canada.

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Your Go-To Freelance WordPress Developer

Freelance Wordpess Developer

Based in Saratoga County, NY, I'm a WordPress web developer, and I'm here to bring your digital dreams to life.

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5 Misconceptions About Wordpress (developers, development, and websites in general)

Misconceptions About Wordpress Blogpost

After a recent conversation with one of my website maintenance clients, I've decided to attempt to set some things straight in regards to the misconceptions around Wordpress development, Wordpress developers, and Wordpress sites in general.

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Multi-language Wordpress Development: WPML vs proxy

Wpml Vs Proxy Wordpress Translation

I came into this web development project at the end of a SaaS company's long run using WPML and was tasked at moving to proxy: WPML vs proxy

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Custom Wordpress Designer & Developer

Custom Wordpress Themes Wp

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How to automatically add ALT tags to uploaded images

Add Alt Tags Tips Worpdress Functions

I had to add ALT tags to 100+ images last week and was over the repetition real fast, so I wrote this WordPress function to automatically add ALT tags to images on upload based off of their file names.

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Why Choose WordPress

Pro Wordpress Services Tony Ciccarone

WordPress has the perfect balance between usability and control. The team at Automattic puts a lot of time and effort into their version releases, each one being more and more client-friendly while at the same time enabling developers to build upon functionality and application.

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