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Articles & blog posts about professional web development and particularly development surrounding the Wordpress CMS system.

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So You Failed Core Web Vitals, Now What? (part 2)

3tone Digital

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So You Failed Core Web Vitals, Now What? (part 1)

Failed Page Speed Score

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Recreating the style of a tweet in dark mode

Generate Viral Tweet With Html Css Js

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5 Misconceptions About Wordpress (developers, development, and websites in general)

Misconceptions About Wordpress Blogpost

After a recent conversation with one of my website maintenance clients, I've decided to attempt to set some things straight in regards to the misconceptions around Wordpress development, Wordpress developers, and Wordpress sites in general.

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Website Users Leaving? Use Heatmaps & Recordings (part 1)

User Action Heat Map Website Development

How to Stop Website Users Leaving: Making Site Changes Based On Heatmaps & Recordings

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Open external links in new tabs

Open External Links New Tab Jquery Function

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How to make a free website

How To Build A Free Website Tips

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