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Any website that requires knowledge of HTML or CSS code to manage pages or content is not an efficient solution. An easy-to-use content management system is essential to the ongoing upkeep of your online presence.

That’s why custom Wordpress development is the way to go – publishing capabilities, user management, SEO, and custom content options prove that it’s an expandable, flexible, and a fully scalable system.  While there are some misconceptions about Wordpress, custom development is a way to bypass those fears and come out the other side with a great site!

There are lots of aspects to WordPress development, ranging from crafting completely custom and responsive themes to creating plugins that can add awesome functionality to any WP site – and everything in between.

I’ve been developing WordPress websites for over a decade (uh oh, I’m getting old) and have kept up with the times in terms of keeping the process modern and final product compressed, optimized, and fast.

Art and Entertainment Wordpress Development
I've used Tony's WordPress development services for my professional artist website a few times now over the past couple of years. I particularly appreciate that if he notices something that could be improved, he'll suggest a tweak – not as an upsell, but because he actually cares about the quality of the end product. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him for any WordPress job!
Eric Kelly

Director of Information Technology at WestCoast Children's Clinic


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Always Editable

without a bulky page builder

Whether you’re a business owner or website manager (or both) – the final product of my Wordpress development projects always enable you to edit and modify the content, posts, and images of your own site

No Templates

custom and clean Wordpress themes

Let’s face it, templates suck and they mostly all look/behave the same.  On top of that they’re either made for specific content to be placed inside (like designing a vacuum) or they’re slow and clunky

Lightweight & Clean

optimized for your site only

Simplicity, syntax, SEO, and schema are some of the most important words that begin with S when building a custom Wordpress website.  The least amount of plugins, the better

Featured Custom Wordpress Web Development Project

I was hired to create a listing add-on for the client’s existing website. Instead of using listing/mapping plugins, I decided to create this functionality from scratch because I find that trying to mold a client’s expectations into an existing plugin usually takes longer and gives you much less control over future improvements.

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