Meet me in the Metaverse

I can meet in virtual reality

The world is changing in front of our eyes.  Using cutting-edge technology (Oculus Quest for me) I meet with web dev clients in the Metaverse where we can brainstorm on exportable whiteboards, screenshare from our desktops, and boost productivity by using the 3D depth of virtual reality.

Despite what it may seem like, VR meetings can feel much more natural than typical video calls or huddles – the depth and space of a physical room brings back the spark and creativity that is often missed.

Tony Ciccarone Metaverse Meeting

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No headset required

join from your computer

While it’s definitely cooler to have all attendees using headsets, it’s optional and meetings can be viewed on a typical screen

Collaborate in VR

whiteboard and screenshare

Collaborate in real-time using interactive whiteboards that are able to be saved & exported to all attendee’s devices after the meeting

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