#TECHGOALS for 2019

#TECHGOALS for 2019

2018 was a fantastic year. From the birth of my son (he’s got his own site:https://landonciccarone.com/) to making the switch to being a fully remote Work-at-Home Dad, I can tell that life will never be the same. This year I’m making some achievable goals in the area of code & technology:

1 – Learn React

I’ve been circling around React JS for a few months now; beginning a handful of online courses, starting to learn ES6, and watching short YouTube tutorials. I’ve got the basics down but anything further like implementing React in real life has yet to happen.

Only up until a couple weeks ago I was asking myself the question ” why use React?“.

I’ll be honest.. React seems backwards with its inline CSS and its HTML all over the place. I mean, most of my career as a developer has been almost opposite – abstracting into functional models, views, and controllers. Only up until a couple weeks ago I was asking myself the question “why use React?”.

I found a great course on Scrimba. Not only does the program integrate audio, video, and a live working IDE but their Learn React path tackles real world examples. After I finish the course I have a goal of making my own React blog.

2 – Improve my Python Skills

This year, I dove headfirst into Python with a “Learn the Hard Way” book. I don’t think I’ve ever come across a more useful language, in fact last week I finally wrote a piece of functionality that I’ve been mulling over about for a while.

Amazingly (ie sans-PHP), simple as it may be – it turned out to be only around 40 lines of code:


While that’s great and all, in reality I don’t have any sort of realistic grip on Python being used out of the terminal or web frameworks like Django / Flask yet. I want to start utilizing Python for what it seems it’s built for – coding ideas quickly and efficiently.

3 – Get Comfortable Using Illustrator

Graphic design isn’t my thing. I check out things on Dribbble and Behance every couple days, I write CSS / Sass like it’s a second language, but I still design like a 10-year-old. I have my own “developer style-guide” that involves the following rules:

  • More whitespace & padding
  • Less borders around boxes
  • Use font-weight not font-family for variation
  • Stop using so much #ccc

Photoshop has been an important part of my toolkit since I began web development back in 2004 – but I’ve never really ventured into vector world and I feel like I’ve never had a proper introduction to the ever-elusive Illustrator pen tool. With that being said, my third #TECHGOAL for 2019 is to become more acquainted with Adobe Illustrator.

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