Create Vagrant Symlink for WP & Gulp

Create Vagrant Symlink for WP & Gulp

Happy Monday!  This morning I pulled down a new optimization feature branch for one of our clients and found that another developer replaced Patternlab with a src-build-dist setup.

So when I ran the gulp command, WordPress files in the /src directory were building the theme into /build (and its zip into /dist).

Since WordPress looks elsewhere for theme files by default I needed to add a ‘symlink’ so I figured I’d make note of it here.  Within the |config| loop of your Vagrantfile simply add the following line and replace the bracket data with your own site information:

config.vm.synced_folder "www/{site}/htdocs/build/", "/srv/www/{site}/htdocs/wp-content/themes/{theme-name}/"

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