Web Programming

PHP / SQL / Javascript / Etc

Object Oriented

Developing with proven methodologies for over 14 years on a daily basis with lots of experience using many different MVC frameworks.

PHP Developer

Agile PHP developer experienced in writing clean and reusable code using proper classes, methods, and composer-based package management.

Project Management

Involved in complete full-cycle web dev and engineering projects – including whiteboarding, implementation, and management processes.

Tool Friendly

I use Vagrant, VirtualBox, Git, Gulp, Composer, Packagist, NPM, AWS, ACF, PhpUnit, Jira, Zendesk, and numerous other apps & acronyms.

Frameworks / CMS

I have development experience in such frameworks as Drupal, Magento, Joomla, Laravel, and Moodle – basically anything that’s PHP-based, I’ve touched it.

Available for Gigs

I have a full-time programming job, but I’m totally available for afterhour and weekend tasks. If you’re looking for a programmer, contact me here and let’s talk.

Looking for a Web Programmer?

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