My Favorite Things | Review: Bose Noise Reduction Earbuds

Review: Bose Noise Reduction Earbuds

I hardly ever buy things for myself

Before I confess my love for my second set of Bose noise reduction earbuds, let’s get this out the way – I do not like shopping for myself, at all. The few pairs of jeans and couple dozen tee-shirts that I own are all from Savers and not very long ago (and for a few months) my sneakers were held together with electrical tape.

Okay, maybe that last part sounds a little crazy but I usually save my money for things like nice dinners or fancy bottles of wine. I live very minimally.. I don’t have much stuff, so purchasing a $300 set of noise reduction earbuds was a pretty steep commitment.

My first time using noise reduction earbuds

I like a lot of songs and albums in almost every genre, like.. check out my metal playlist over on Spotify. I’m a big fan of jazz, possibly growing away from hip hop, and dig listening to ambient music while I code. I couldn’t believe the silence the first time I put them in and turned them on, it was like all of the noise of the world disappeared. I was addicted.

I lost my first pair on Halloween in Salem Massachusetts

I’m currently on my second set of these things. A year before I moved back to Rhode Island I travelled back east for a little Halloween vacation and walked away from my backpack. I had my car rental keys, wallet, plane ticket, and the noise reduction earbuds in there.

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